Detect Fraud and security breaches

With a Tiger Prism tool in place you can detect:

Proactive monitoring of real-time data to alert users of potential threats or fraudulent activity to recover costs and prevent future attacks.

Can you detect abnormal behaviour and fraudulent activity within your organisation?
As well as the overall data analytics that you can access via Tiger Prism, you are also able to set up alerts, so for example, you can receive a notification if a call cost is greater than a limit/alert you chose to set. In the instance that a long telephone call to an overseas number occurs, you will receive a notification. If it is not an authorised call, you can then take action.

Can you identify the source of a problem immediately, so that you can investigate and act?
Our system allows you to monitor your channels of communication within your organisation, in an easy to use dashboard. If you were also to set up an alert you can receive a notification and act immediately. Utilising Prism to proactively monitor real-time data saves time and effort, as information about threats will be pushed to users and alert groups to instigate immediate action.

Are there unknown sources of cost within your organisation?
If unauthorised use of your communications channels was occurring, that could be very costly to the organisation. Being able to monitor and track all lines of communication means you can put an end to, or prevent, abuse of the system – which could save the business greatly in the long run. Our business intelligence tools automate immediate, proactive notification of toll fraud, malicious calls, hacking and security breaches across all UC platforms using any combination of SNMP, email or SMS (via internet or email relay).