Determine SIP trunking capacity

With a Tiger Prism tool in place you can determine:

Identify maximum concurrent calls and high/low trunk utilisation to highlight future capacity requirements and recognise cost saving opportunities.

Are you optimising the use of your channels/SIP trunks?
Are your channels or SIP trunks being used in the most beneficial way? The Prism tool can give you that information, so you can make informed decisions on your communications channels.

Are you spending money in the right places?
Prism can give you the data to put the right resources in the right areas. With that knowledge, you can remove any unnecessary costs, and direct budget where it is best spent.

Have you got sufficient capacity to meet the needs of your organisation?
Based on Prism data, you may find out that you need to increase your SIP trunks or channels. Valuable communications may be getting missed if you don't have the right capacity to support that area of your business