Manage communications expense

With a Tiger Prism tool in place you can manage:

Tiger Prism provides extensive reporting and billing services to distribute costs effectively within organisations, and plan budgets effectively and strategically.

How is your IT budget spend within the organisation?
Tiger Prism would allow you to bill each department for their individual telephony consumption, which is useful for IT directors or financial directors to see where their budget is going.

How can your department justify telephony expenditure to IT management?
The Prism system allows you to monitor your communications spend across the board, and break that down into departments, areas and people. You will be able to see communications costs, duration and destination. Prism will provide you with a breakdown of your communications usage, so where relevant, you can suggest more cost-effective methods/channels of communications - streamlining costs to exactly what is required.

Are you effectively segmenting the costs of your resources?
Tiger Prism enables you to reconcile your carrier bill, to ensure correct charging and recover revenue from internal business units, third parties, or customers. Our system allows you to align costs effectively across the business.

How are you monitoring phone traffic on your network?
Prism provides a centralised reporting solution which can identify areas of high or low usage by phone, dialled number, caller number and channel. It can also measure user activity by department, extension or user performance. The data can be assessed, defined, and visualised quickly for a detailed insight into costs, quality, performance and adoption, as well as usage.