Measure the adoption of collaboration services

With a Tiger Prism tool in place you can measure:

Ensure you are maximising the potential of your UC deployment by measuring the rate of adoption of video, instant messaging, screen sharing and more.

Are your employees making optimum use of their collaboration tools?
Collaboration tools can be a costly resource for an organisation, so by analysing uptake you can decide whether certain staff/departments need additional training, whether they are aware of how they can use them, and whether they are worthwhile tools for every department. You can then decide to increase or decrease your licences suitable - making the most of your investment, and investing wisely.

How are you ensuring maximum ROI?
Through Tiger Prism, all data on the use of the tools is made available in a user-friendly format once your install is up and running. So, you can measure against usage from month on month, year on year, or even lifetime of the license post the install of our product. You are able to see when, where and how usage has been beneficial - and given you the best maximum return on investment. Measuring the rate of adoption and optimising the full functionality across the different scopes is key to calculating the ROI of any UC deployment

How is your organisation using collaboration tools available to them?
By using Tiger Prism you can find out if employees are making optimum use of their collaboration tools, or are/aren't adopting these tools and services as expected. This means you can start to question why/why not.

Which departments/personnel are or aren't using collaboration tools and services as expected?
Furthermore, with the information Tiger Prism provides you, your organisation can review their use of these tools, and decide how/whether they are best suited to your working culture. From this you can develop best practice.