Monitor Productivity

With a Tiger Prism tool in place you can monitor and identify:

Tiger Prism allows you to identify volumes of incoming calls to hunt groups and individuals, time taken to answer, and understand business vs personal usage.

Are your employees working productively and efficiently?
Our reports can help you measure the KPI's related to employee activity, which are essential to increasing productivity and efficiency. This frequently leads to staff being more conscientious regarding calls and usage of UC channels.

Are your teams hitting their targets?
Our system can analyse the data sets of teams, departments and individuals - so you can easily identify who is or isn't hitting their targets. Having this information means you can determine personnel or departmental struggles and set about resolving/improving the situation. You can then monitor the progress.

Can you identify areas of high/low performance and areas for improvement?
You can monitor productivity with Tiger Prism, which means you can see areas of high and low performance. Once they have been identified, you can work on an improvement strategy and monitor the progress.