About Tiger


Tiger Communications is based in the United Kingdom with a subsidiary in France. Operating via a network of channel partners, Tiger provides services globally. You can find our contact details here.



Tiger Communications has established long-term strategic partnerships with major PBX, Unified Communications vendors, and dealers of networks, and through advertising & market awareness, benefits from a very active direct sales channel. You can see our list of Partners here.


The History of Tiger Communications

The History of Tiger Communications
2016 onwards
Utilising the latest database architecture, a visually stunning Tiger PRISM was released in 2015. Built in HTML5, enabling it to be fully cross-platform working across all devices. The development release roadmap plans for new features to be released each quarter
Tiger 2020v5
V5 offered further enchancement and features. Offering multip[le directory views, multi-currency and time zone support. It also added a wealth of new Reports, the main noticeable addition being Fraud Detection software
Tiger 2020v4
Released in 2002 and with the name changed to 2020, V4 added SQL Database, web reporting and also added compatability with VOIP platforms
Tiger 2020v2
Tiger 2020V2 was released in early 2000, adding more functionality to an already powerful product
Tiger 2000
Tiger 2000 was born in 1996, building upon the knowledge and experience gained from Tiger Traffic.
Tiger Traffic
Tiger Traffic was born in 1986, laying the foundations for the entire range of solutions we see today
Tiger Hardware
Tiger started life in the early 1970s in hardware and development, designing and building line scanning equipment for Strowger switchboards and very quickly expanded into software development producing a sophisticated Cobol reporting package for use on mainframe computers