Prism uses the most modern and common software and architecture industry standards

  • All currently supported Windows Server versions
  • Standard IIS and Microsoft SQL Servers 
  • HTML5 interface supported in all modern browsers with no plug-in required
  • Modular software infrastructure (easy to update)
  • Full access to your data: public API allows you to run 100% of system operations through third party software with no loss of performance

Prism automates frequent backups to protect against accidental or malicious data loss and can be configured to push to designated network storage areas.

Multi-tenant architecture

This allows logical and/or physical data separation for:

  • Managed Services Providers with shared infrastructure
  • Shared IT Services across different organisations
  • Security constraints on data access or physical data storage, including location

Performance and scalability

Prism has been designed to be extremely fast for large corporations, making it lightning fast for the vast majority of UC infrastructures worldwide.

Utilising Kimball Warehouse Design and Microsoft SQL Server infrastructure, Prism allows near real-time access for data mining, analytics and reporting.

Operating in customer environments with billions of calls, hundreds of thousands of phones and processing hundreds of new calls per second, Prism gives users near instant access to huge volumes of data.


Handling sensitive data, including personal employee details and their telephone activity, dictates that system security is an essential factor in the design of Prism.

Features include:

  • All system access is secured through HTTPs browser connections
  • Single Sign On
  • Delegated Password Authentication to external systems (Active Directory, Novell, Shibboleth) to ensure policy compliance
  • Security Groups to restrict access to data, e.g. region, country, location, department or down to individual
  • Access Groups to restrict users to particular system modules and functions
  • System wide activity logging, including detailed user activity events
  • Digit Masking and Digit Privacy set at any organisational level

Interoperability / API

Prism has been designed and implemented to support, present and provide an industry standard Application Programming Interface (API) enabling secure access to the entirety of core data and functionality within the platform, giving you full access to your information at all times.

Using the API, customers can extend, customise and harness the power of Prism within their own, or third party, applications.

Secure access (using the product tree-based security) to create, read, update and delete API operations can be performed on:

  • Call Records
  • Directory Information
  • Asset Information
  • System Users
  • Invoices
  • Tariffs

Prism maintains a full audit trail and control of all API requests, allowing administrators to safely and securely monitor all activity.

Data export

Prism provides the capability to export to PDF, Excel, CSV, Word, PowerPoint, flat files, and HTML.