Recreation Analytics are becoming big business

Recreation Analytics


Recreation Analytics are becoming big business

The McKinsey Global Institute has placed customer intensity for data in the recreation segment higher than financial services. It would appear that consumers have a strong desire for Big Data within this arena, and fortunately they are getting it. One of the simplest recreational pastimes, hiking is definitely benefiting from Big Data. Most hikers (apart from the hard core few) now carry an array of tools into the outdoors for mapping, tracking, geo caching and to provide performance related statistics. Then from the comfort of their home (or the pub) analyse how far, how quick, how high they went with a beautiful tracklog fixed to a high-quality map along with pictures taken.

The same can be said for runners and cyclists who use applications such as Viewranger, Strava, Endomondo and Google maps to plot their course, race segments against friends (and strangers) and log all sorts of data from their run/ride. Companies like Garmin are heartily supporting this environment with function rich devices to capture speed, heart rate, elevation, cadence, calories, etc. In fact, anything that can be measured is, and it’s all stored into a huge database and analysed to the nth degree.

Even consumers watching sport on television are now bombarded with incredible stats. In the recent Olympics some of the stats produced were truly remarkable and provide a wonderful insight into the sport being watched.

Whilst Analytics might not appear to be enjoyable, the recreational arena is making it interesting and fun – and not just for those participating, but spectators too!