‘It’s always better to check’ – Why does your business need Tiger Prism?

A college in Hertfordshire have been with Tiger for over 10 years and are currently using our latest product Tiger Prism.

After recognising the benefits of having Tiger software in place, they mainly found usage out of tracking and reviewing their monthly mobile import bills to remain aware of their overall expenditure as an establishment.

While reviewing all payments equating to £2 or more, it was identified that a dongle from the college was being used unlawfully, resulting in a massive £7k bill. This had equated over a period of several months and had been paid by the college under the intentions that it was a legitimate bill. Due to the slow accumulation of the bill, their finance team did not raise any concerns or flag the issue – why would they?

Thanks to their usage of Tiger Prism, the information the Dashboards and Reports were able to provide helped to point out that this dongle had in fact not been used under college policies and had been stolen. Without easy-to-understand access to this information enabled through Prism, the £7k bill would have gone unnoticed and the college would never have known they were entitled to reclaim it.


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