Tiger Goes Green

Tiger communications plc make a conscious effort taking steps towards improving the environment, reducing emissions and our carbon footprint within Ringwood.  


One of our colleagues, Gilly, proactively volunteers to introduce new recycling opportunities into our business and buy environmentally friendly products, as well as supporting the local community in the process.

All recycling tasks are completely voluntary, and she delivers the recycling to the designated drop points in her personal time. Monthly updates are sent to all employee’s detailing how our involvement has made a difference and nominates a new item for recycling to focus on for the next month.

Some of the items we recycle on a regular basis are:

  • Bottle tops – Donated to Batten fighters Forever Charity.
  • Egg boxes – Delivered to St. Boniface Church to be provided for locals who sell eggs.
  • Crisp packets – Delivered to the TerraCycle Points Program with monies raised donated to Macmillan Caring Locally.
  • Pens – Provided to a local school for recycling. (Suggested by Sales director, Caroline)
  • Tetra Paks (Soup and juice cartons) – Taken to a tetrapak recycling centre.
  • Domestic-use batteries – Delivered to local supermarkets.
  • Staple free paper shredding – Delivered to a local animal shelter.
  • Jiffy bags – Collected and reused by staff/friends/family of our employees.
  • Stamps – Donated to Forest Holme Hospice (suggested by support manager Sheena)
  • Inkjet cartridges – Collected and recycled locally by our stationary provider. (suggested by office manager, Jean)
  • ‘Ecobricks’ – Filling empty plastic bottles with non-recyclable plastic waste, to be used in community projects locally.
  • Plastic films and carrier bags (bread bags/veg bags) – Delivered to a local supermarket.
  • Contact lenses and blister foil packaging – Delivered to Kelly & Cooke Opticians in Ringwood (suggested by lead developer, Stephen)

We intend to start collecting biscuit, cake and cracker wrappers for recycling, delivered to TerraCycle Points Program with monies raised donated to Macmillan Caring Locally.

Along with recycling, we have made an active effort to reduce the amount we print within the business by saving documents in PDF format and signing electronically. Where printing is un-avoidable, we actively purchase eco-friendly paper made from 100% recycled substances.

We supply hot beverages and refreshments to all employee’s and visitors at Tiger and purchase our milk from a local dairy supplier to support small businesses and reduce our carbon footprint. We return the milk bottles for re-use when we receive our next delivery.

In order to stay up to date and gain all the latest tips and tricks about recycling opportunities within the Ringwood community, Gilly regularly checks the ‘Eco Bricks Ringwood Area’ page and the ‘Dorset & Hampshire Eco Club’ page on Facebook.

There are hundreds of groups and communities sharing information and resources across the country, if you are a local to Ringwood or are interested in gaining some knowledge as to how you can start helping your community, follow these links and take a look at the groups that provide us with our inspiration!

EcoBricks Ringwood: https://www.facebook.com/groups/EcobricksRingwoodArea/

Dorset & Hampshire Eco club: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2293919387594291/

Overall, Tiger communications feels strongly about contributing towards helping the environment, supporting charities and local businesses and volunteering in and around the community. It is with great thanks to our CEO, Stephen McCallum and Managing Director, Ben Nicklen for being fully supportive and open to investing in new recycling and environmentally friendly avenues and providing a welcoming work environment for this to take place.