Charge - Billing and Invoicing

Billing and cost distribution are fundamental components of the Tiger application

Billing and Invoicing includes fully audited, transaction-based invoicing. Prism enables flexible cost uplift based on percentage or alternative tariff rates, this allows clients to both reconcile their carrier bill to ensure correct charging and recover revenue from internal business units, third parties or customers.

Billing and Invoicing features a highly flexible directory definition and integration tool allowing clients to arrange business units, cost centres, geographical regions, people, devices and endpoints to fit their organisational structure. This enables allocation of collaboration channel usage including speech, video and instant messaging of each device to the end user.

Prism supports creation of one-off or recurring charges for any type of service, for example, service provision, applying adjustments to credit previously generated invoices and view historic transactions for any asset. It is also easy to import billing data from third party bills including SIP Trunking, Mobile / Cellular phones, fixed assets or any platform that generates itemised event data.

An interactive portal is available which allows clients, managers and end users to view the content of each historic invoice, available to them based on their designated security level. Organisations can use reports to notify department managers or third party clients of their usage and, additionally, push data exports to upstream financial systems to include charges for telephony in "One Bill".