Cross Platform

Vendor Agnostic and Cross Platform Reports

Tiger partners and collaborates with the leading OEMs, ensuring Prism remains vendor agnostic with seamless integration to all platform releases.

Prism provides a centralised, consolidated billing and reporting solution capable of processing data from UC Infrastructures, Carrier Bills, Mobile / Cellular providers, Fixed Line, Conferencing and Fax services. Data can be collected through common protocols including sFTP, ODBC and CSV and provides a complete overview of telephony expenditure and types of communication channel including:

Organisations are no longer tied to a particular vendor thanks to the ability to query in a directory, user or infrastructure-centric way and view all activity for a collection of business devices.

Prism matches the business view of your organisation, abstracting the complexity of your physical infrastructure and presenting information in a global, organisationally focussed way. 

Companies having several distinct UC infrastructures, from different OEM vendors, can enjoy easy and seamless global view access to this information.