Directory Integration

Prism’s Directory Integration provides automatic synchronisation with client’s directory sources

Integration with Active Directory, SQL, LDAP or ODBC compliant databases are supported, together with imports from flat, text or CSV files.

Prism permits the creation of a number of tree views, allowing organisations to create multiple representations of the directory data, for example organisational, geographical and cost centre. Once created in Prism, all data is displayed in an easy to use Directory Definition interface, visualised in a familiar parent / child tree style to ensure ongoing housekeeping and accuracy.

This facility enables dashboards and reports to summarise information in many ways to accommodate all user requirements. Prism also maintains a detailed change history identifying the date and time of events.

Prism is capable of storing complete asset meta-data utilising standard fields (location, model, name), plus additional user custom fields (for example room, purchase date and end of life date).