Fraud Detection & Alerting

Profiling enables individual call tracing and trend analysis, which can be used in stand-alone, multi-site or global networks

Many organisations have a dedicated security team to investigate and prevent fraud, however, these tasks may also be the responsibility of finance or IT departments. 

Utilising Prism to proactively monitor real-time data saves time and effort as information about threats will be pushed to users and alert groups to instigate immediate action.

Our business intelligence tools automate immediate, proactive notification of toll fraud, malicious calls,  hacking and security breaches across all UC platforms using any combination of SNMP, Email or SMS (via Internet or Email Relay).

With easy to use wizards, customers can define system profiling tailored to their business and set upper and lower limits of:

  • Costs
  • Volume / call rate
  • Duration / Time
  • Organisation
  • Call traffic
  • Destination

Additional capabilities:

High / low response times
on any combination of departments or extensions to analyse current business practices, staffing levels, compliance with broadcasted response levels, etc
High / low cost or duration of calls
to any or user specified destinations (international, mobile, directory enquiry, etc)
High / low trunk utilisation
on any combination or number of trunks / trunk ranges to highlight analysis requirements of current call routing and possible network failures
of departmental budget over-runs to individual managers / finance directors
Frequency of calls  
to / from / between specified extensions or departments to analyse productivity of staff
Emergency calls 
for identification of location and auditing