Managed Services

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Tiger Communications offers fully managed service options, both for on-premise and cloud-hosted environments.

This allows customers to greatly reduce operational overheads and completely eliminates housekeeping activities.

This model is highly scalable in order to facilitate future expansion, offering both Guaranteed Levels of Service (SLA) and Software Assurance, providing access to new releases and features.

By converting one time investment to recurring costs, you can immediately benefit from the new Prism features and have full visibility of lifetime costs.

Accurate, timely reports are produced and delivered to your staff in any number of popular formats.

Our dedicated team of specialists will be available to ensure your system is kept up to date not only with tariff and extension information but also with Tiger’s latest software updates.

Real Time data collection is monitored continuously to ensure loss of data is kept to a minimum and daily checks are performed by the team members to ensure accurate data is produced in line with your requirements. You no longer need to have any hardware on site apart from, possibly, an IP Buffer to collect the call logging data from each switch you wish to monitor.

All the server hardware is held in our secure facility in Ringwood and the responsibility for its maintenance and upkeep is with Tiger. Each time a call is made on one of your switches a raw Call Data Record (CDR) is produced and output from the switch to the preferred collection method, i.e. IP buffer. This buffer will stream the CDRs to the Tiger servers in real time. 24/7 web access can also be offered for staff to run their own reports with restrictions placed on their usernames according to what level of detail they are allowed to see.

Management reports

Which will include Top Level Summary reports for a company overview, for example:

  • Departmental Cost Summary to show an overview of a company’s spend across departments or cost centres
  • Comparative Cost Summary to analyse and compare tariffs
  • Unknown and Zero usage reports for extensions and trunks to analyse over-subscription on extensions or trunks

Incoming Call Analysis
Which will include the ability to assess company response statistics in a number of different ways

Traffic Reports
Which will include Trunk and Route Traffic as well as VoIP utilisation and QoS

High/Low Usage reports
Which will include the ability to track high usage extensions and geographical analysis

Call Detail
Reports which allows you to run simple call listing reports

Client Billing
Reports which will allow you to run reports for internal customers or multi tenant set ups

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