New webinar Announced - Report Jobs / Autoreports

Working with Report jobs and Autoreports

We are excited to announce that the Q3 webinar sessions for Prism Report Jobs and 2020 Pro Autoreports were held on Wednesday 24th October.

A recording of this training video will be available to view soon.

If you are hearing about the training Webinars for the first time, it is our 24/7 on-demand training program with the aim of eventually having more than 30+ hours of technical content designed to quickly get you onboard and successful with our products, whether you’ve been using them for years or are new to the suite. The sessions will run quarterly with the latest features following each product release.

Free with your service contract, these webinars provide practical knowledge, quick tips, insights into how others use the products, combined with helpful approaches across a wide range of our offerings.

At the upcoming "Report Jobs and Autoreports" webinars, you will learn how to quickly get up to speed with Reports and Autoreports, read on to find out more.

Features covered during this session* -  

* Some features / subjects covered in the webinar may not be available to you as they are software / version dependent

How to Create

Report Jobs / Autoreports. Configuring, scheduling and Batch

How to edit

Report Jobs / Autoreports including suspending, pausing and manually execututing jobs

Bulletins / Exectutions

Looking at bulletin / exectution logs and understanding the status


Looking at the output from previous reports

Re-scheduling / replaying reports

How to re-schedule / replay a report

Autoreports / Export Settings

Understanding and looking at Autoreport and Export settings,  and how they can benefit you

SMTP Settings

Looking at SMTP settings 

There will be a 15-minute Q&A session at the end of the webinar where our trainer will try to answer as many questions possible, the chat window will also be available for you to send messages to the trainer throughout the duration of the webinar.


Interested? Book your space now

Due to the demand of our webinars, availability is limited to 25 spaces per session. Registration is on a first come first served basis to those who are active Tiger Customers please register your interest below…

Tiger Prism webinar, Wednesday 24th October, 10:00-10:45am - Click here to register

Tiger 2020 Pro webinar, Wednesday 24th October, 12:00-12:45pm - Click here to register


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Anything you would like covered on the next webinar?

Your request could be covered in a future webinar, email with your subject request.