Newark & Sherwood District Council

  • Posted on: 10 April 2015

Newark and Sherwood District Council switch to Tiger 2020 to drive service improvement and cost reduction

NEC VoIP roll out, combined with call management and reporting, helps Council to analyse and improve call handling for new contact centre and services.

Tiger Communications, a leading provider of Call Management Solutions, today announced details of a successful project at Newark and Sherwood District Council delivered by NEC, which combines VoIP technology alongside Tiger 2020 Pro, helping to improve call handling and reporting capability. The deep analysis of call logging is helping the Council reallocate resources, improve staff training and is the basis for further cost reductions around departmental billing for communication infrastructure.

Newark and Sherwood covers a geographical area of 251 square miles and has a population of just over 111,700 people. The District has a diverse local economy, with particular emphasis on light engineering, automotive and the food and drink industries, including world beating companies like Daloon, Laurens Patisseries, and NSK. The council has over 16 sites across the region with around 650 IT users and more than 700 phone lines.

The Council had struggled with its legacy Centrex system which had limited functionality in terms of hunt groups, voicemail, call logging and reporting. The legacy system also had limited capacity and a low level of visibility into call charging making it difficult for the council to allocate resources to specific tasks.

With the decision to create its own contact centre to deal with housing, auto payments, council tax and benefits, a new telephony system was needed. As Sharon Parkinson, ICT Manager for the Council explains, “We decided to move to a VoIP solution as it offered us both a reduction in costs by changing our call plan as well as the ability to better reuse our resources – flexibility is very important for us to help deliver new services.”

Following a full tender process, the Council selected a NEC VoIP telephony solution combined with Tiger Communications 2020 Pro call logging. The system uses a centralised installation with a managed VPN to connect its remote sites. The new system has improved call handling which allows around a third of the calls to the council to be automatically diverted to the correct department and be escalated to free agents without human intervention. The system has many new features including voicemail to email that allows staff to better handle queries, pass messages to the relevant person and promote new improved working practices.

“We are looking at areas like teleworking and potentially using lower cost DSL to connect remote workers,” explains Parkinson, “An important aspect is the new reporting facilities using Tiger 2020 that is allowing us to analyse how effective our contact centre staff are at responding to calls as well as the distribution of calls from the public which helps us to plan capacity.”

Although only operational for a few months, Parkinson is now looking at other reporting capabilities such as call fraud detection. “The implementation of our new VoIP solution has been pretty seamless and has given us a foundation for delivering new services. The depth of the reporting is helping us to evaluate and plan call management strategies and is a vast improvement over our old Centrex system.”

The reporting capability is also allowing the ICT department to begin cross charging of communications to individual departments, a strategy that will help the council to better manage budgets.

About Tiger Communications

Incorporated in 1979, Tiger Communications is a market leader in the provision of Call Management Solutions. Our customer base spans many types of organisation, including hotels, universities, councils, solicitors, financial institutions and major manufacturers, all with differing objectives and system requirements.  Tiger Communications is based in the United Kingdom, and has offices in Belgium, Dubai, Germany, Mexico and Portugal.

The marketplace today dictates the necessity for integration and open system architecture, a philosophy that Tiger has continually adhered to in the development of our product range.  First-class product service & support is key to the future of any company today and Tiger Communications, acknowledging this fact, operates UK-wide engineering support including 24 hour, 365 day cover. Global support is provided through localised in-country partnerships and regional offices.  Tiger Communications has established long-term strategic partnerships with major PBX manufacturers and dealers of networks and, through advertising & market awareness, benefits from a very active direct sales channel.

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