Personal Call Manager

The cost of employee time spent on private or personal calls has a significant impact on an organisation's bottom line

The Personal Call Manager provides a web browser interface for each user to simplify the assignment of personal and business calls on work and mobile devices. This helps companies understand the time impact on business processes caused by personal telephone calls and to potentially recharge users, thus complying with legislation and reducing telephony call spend. 

Increasing employees’ visibility of the costs they incur, and highlighting potential lost productivity, encourages self-responsibility and delivers further improvements in workforce efficiency and cost saving.

Prism manages billing periods to ensure activity is grouped based on data availability. For example, UC information may be allocated based on calendar month. However, mobile / cellular data or third party charges may be mid-month or quarterly. 

Prism can notify users by email when billing periods have been opened, are due to close and the user has not validated their personal calls, or have now been closed. 

Administrators are able to view summary information within the portal, including total calls, total spend and business versus personal spend and time.

Users have the ability to create their own address books for regular personal numbers. Each time a call is made to one of these designated numbers Prism will suggest it is a personal call, therefore reducing the time required for a user to validate selections at the end of the billing period.