Return on investment (ROI)

Highlighting areas where Prism excels

Modelling and forecasting
Prism's near instant access to data allows for quick and easy scenario modelling. You can effortlessly drill down into data, model savings generated by new costs, forecast your future carrier expenses or UC related costs, or simulate the migration to a new infrastructure or routing configuration.
Rate of adoption
Measuring across the different scopes is key to calculating the ROI of any UC deployment, by allowing clear visualisation of the level of savings generated by the investment. The more users engage with the new features and reduce travel, the greater the savings.
Assessment of alternative carrier costs
leading to potential cost savings by implementing least cost routing and tail end hop off. By installing various competing carrier tariffs, reports can be generated using current and historic call activity to highlight areas of overspend, future potential savings and most cost effective carriers based on the call traffic. The Comparative Cost Summary will provide a definitive answer to questions such as "which is the most cost effective carrier for my International call traffic patterns?".
Identification of high spend / high usage
areas of the company to streamline working practices and highlight any areas of potential abuse or fraudulent activity.
Departmental cost summary
Effective allocation of call costs to departments, providing accurate figures with which to recover costs and assign equipment charges.
Trunk occupancy monitoring and modelling  
leading to cost savings through identification of under-utilised lines and effective future network capacity planning.
Identification of cost savings 
by highlighting out of hours calls, calls to non-business numbers, etc, report generation on premium rate or non-business mobile numbers enabling tracing back to individual extensions to recoup costs on all non-business related activity.
Analysis of telephone activity 
departments are encouraged to take responsible action regarding their telephone activity, frequently leading to staff being more conscientious when making calls.
Analysis of mobile call costs 
often an area where extensive savings can be made. In particular, high cost calls to employees using mobiles from within the company premises where land lines should be utilised instead.