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We are excited to announce that the first webinar sessions of 2019 for Prism Alerts and Tiger 2020 Pro Voice Network Security will be held on Wednesday 6th February.

At the upcoming "Alerts and Voice Network Security" webinars, you will learn how to quickly get up to speed using the applications and features. The Prism webinar will guide you through how to create and edit alert Jobs, using existing widgets to create alerts, understanding your target data, delivery options, sample use cases. The Tiger 2020 Voice Network Security webinar will include how to create and edit alerts, company calendars, alarm notification groups, live call scanning and profiles.

* Please note that both Alerts and Voice Network Security modules are not included in the standard system but this doesn’t mean you can’t learn about how they can help you. Please speak to your account manager to discuss upgrading.

If you are hearing about the training webinars for the first time, it is our 24/7 on-demand training program with the aim of eventually having more than 30+ hours of technical content designed to quickly get you onboard and successful with our products, whether you’ve been using them for years or are new to the suite. The sessions will run quarterly with the latest features following each product release.



There will be 25 spaces open on each webinar, please register as soon as possible to guarantee your place. Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis for those with active contracts.

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Missed a previous webinar?

Don't worry if you didn't get a chance to watch the previous webinars, as we have the recordings of them here.

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Anything you would like covered on a future webinar?

If you would like to request a topic to be covered in a future webinar, email contact@tigercomms.com with your request.