Ofcom proposes cap on 118 services


The telecoms regulator Ofcom has announced it wants to cap the price of 118 directory enquiry calls at £3.10 for a 90 second call - are you using Tiger to keep in control?


The communications regulator said it had been concerned about the rising cost of directory enquiry services. Market leader 118 118 charges £11.23 for a 90 second call to its service. Ofcom launched its enquiry into the cost of 118 calls in May 2017.

It last investigated the sector in 2013 when the price was about £3 for a 90 second call. However the review found that in addition to the high prices that some directory enquiry providers charge, there was also a lack of transparency and awareness of their cost.

Ofcom found people were often paying much more than they expect and some people were suffering “bill shock”, which is where people are unpleasantly surprised when they receive their bill.

As a result, it is proposing to cap the cost of directory inquiry services at £3.10 per 90 seconds, which would bring prices back to 2013 levels. An Ofcom spokesman said: “We’re concerned about rising prices for directory enquiries, and callers paying much more than they expect.”

It is often vulnerable or older people, who do not have access to the internet, who use directory enquiries. Around two per cent of adults - one million people UK-wide - use a 118 service.

Tiger Customers utilising the Fraud Detection and Alerting module which proactively monitors real-time data need not worry, Alerts can be set on high costs calls or those to specific dialled number ranges and sent directly to nominated staff for further investigation.

Many businesses lock down these expensive services and believe they are protected, however a rogue configuration or patch may alter the restriction, by the time it's noticed they have already incurred significant costs.

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