Tiger Staff Abda’s first-time at a User Group

Tiger Communications plc User Group

As part of the yearly Tiger User Group event, I was asked to attend the 2018 meeting at the Magic Circle in London.

At first, I was feeling a little hesitant about going as it was my first time attending the event. Everything went well thanks to the logistical organisation put in place to get from Bournemouth to London and support from my colleagues. It was an excellent and exciting experience I would jump at the chance if I get the opportunity to attend in the future. During the day I had the chance to run a demo station, allowing me to show to the customers how to use Tiger Prism and 2020 Pro, answering reporting queries and allowing customer education.

Meeting face to face with the customers that I have been speaking regularly over phone and through emails for over three years and sharing their experience, usage and feeling about Tiger products made me feel very proud to provide them with the best quality of support I could. It also motivates me to carrying on giving my best, given that some customer’s issues required our test and development department’s investigation due to the issues’ complexity, the customer always kept the smile on their face and shared their product satisfaction thanks to a ‘positive and supportive team’

Also, discussing how the Tiger products are evolving in the future is very encouraging / exciting in terms of ongoing knowledge improvement.

At the end of the day, the Tiger User Group was just Magic, thanks to the magical environment, positive and focused customers and Tiger staff.

Having the chance to share a meal and drinks with the customers in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere afterwards and getting to know them is one of the best feelings ever.

Abda Wone
a.k.a Abadamaran and his Ten Assistants - Tiger Support Assistant