Tiger Team Training

Team Tiger Training

This year Tiger Communications wanted to give the team a bit of a boost during the January blues, and organised some team training days after the festive period. The Sales and Marketing team got together for two days on January 16th and 17th 2018 and this is how it went…

The key reasons for the training were to offer a refresher on certain knowledge areas, collectively share information, team collaboration, gain insight, and improve.

Over the two-day session the team worked on many different aspects, but here’s a little preview: 

Our ‘Best Bits’
  • Consultative questioning
  • Find out the customers problem and to prepare your pitch around the key solution for the customer
  • Different personality colour types, and how to work with each type (the colours theory)
  • Understanding the different decision processes of varying personality types
  • Team interaction and working together
  • Sharing ideas, thoughts within the team – learning from each other’s experience  

Things we learned
  • The way to approach a meeting with a view to a 2nd or 3rd – not everything can be resolved in one meeting, but more are needed to grasp a full picture
  • Timing is key
  • Note down every detail, not matter however small
  • The importance of research
  • Understanding the customer and their needs
  • Presentation skills depending on people’s personality types
  • More defined meeting structures
  • How to work on the teams’ strengths and weaknesses (as individuals and as a group)
What the team had to say:


“The unified communications world is ever changing, we now collaborate with our partners and customers using many channels where many are not verbal, however one thing always remains constant and that’s the people involved in the interaction.

At Tiger, face to face and telephone conversations are still highly important and we want to ensure our team can plan, act and support every partner and customer in an effective manner. Ongoing training offers the opportunity for our team to learn new skills and implement them in their daily activities to improve project success and optimise the time invested in Tiger by our clients.”

Ben Nicklen – Sales Director

"Tiger’s ethos of a positive team spirit was demonstrated throughout with an excellent level of supportive & encouraging behaviour but without losing the element of healthy competition.  However long we’ve worked together, it’s always a bonus to spend time getting to know each other’s strengths and how to best focus these within a team environment."

Caroline Lewis – Account Manager

“I found the training session very valuable. It made me step away and view what I do in my role from an outside perspective, which is something you rarely have time to do. To identify areas of strength and weakness from which to build and improve, and especially what I could learn from colleagues and their methods and approaches, was very helpful. We sometimes take for granted what it is we do – and I enjoyed the challenges presented and the focus on key techniques that I can bring in to my own approach of my role.

There were moments over the 2 days that I found difficult as it took me out of my comfort zone and forced me to participate in ways I would not normally feel comfortable – being an introverted ‘Green’. I have already applied lessons learnt such as the elevator pitch in the real world – where I was requested to give one at a Partner meeting. The training was certainly something I could draw from in that situation.”

Mike Simpson – Account Manager

All in all, it was a great two days and we learned a lot as a team (even the Tiger veterans!), we are grateful that Tiger invests in its staff. It was also a great opportunity for Teila our Marketing Executive, the newest member of our team, to really get to know the rest of the staff in the Sales department.

If you’re interested in finding out which colour you are you can take a short test here – the results will possibly reveal more about your personality than you are aware of. (To note, that large companies such as IBM and Apple ask all staff to take a test and their roles around their colour type – and even tell presenters which colour groups they are presenting to!)