CB Richard Ellis benefit from improved Call Logging

Tiger ‘View My Calls’ Saves Time, Money and Reputation for Top Property Company

CB Richard Ellis has a switchboard team whose time was being wasted with routine enquiries and manual directory updates. Tiger View My Calls now allows phone system users to take charge of their own incoming calls, and the switchboard to be more productive.

Executive Summary Customer: CB Richard Ellis

Location: 42 offices within the EMEA Size of

Network: 3,500 extensions

  • Switchboard swamped with routine internal inquiries
  • Manual directory updates and reports were an unproductive use of time
  • Misuse of company phone lines
  • Call logger inadequate for volume of calls
  • Tiger suite
  • View My Calls add-on
  • Two-day on-site staff training
  • Switchboard freed up to do more productive work
  • Cash savings from reduced abuse of outbound calls
  • Phone users empowered with full call information
  • Long-term call records can be produced to resolve disputes



CB Richard Ellis is the world’s leading commercial real estate advisor. With over 300 offices in more than 50 countries, it has more consultants advising more customers than any other property firm.

The company’s EMEA phone network consists of over 3,500 extensions with UK major offices in Birmingham, Bristol, Bath, the West End and City of London. A six-strong switchboard team deals with around 2,000 calls a day.

The company gets a daily report of the team’s performance, including speed of answering, plus the accuracy and time taken to connect calls.

The team was having to deal with constant enquiries from network users, as Coral Finch, Switchboard Supervisor, explains:

“Users were always asking us to look up numbers or to tell them who’d just called, because they didn’t recognise the phone number.”


This was a critical task, as in CB Richard Ellis’s business environment knowing who has called you and when can have legal ramifications if information is disputed between parties. But obtaining the information was putting an unacceptable burden on the switchboard team.

Finch also had to ensure switchboard directories are kept up to date so her team’s performance is as efficient and accurate as possible.

This was a time-consuming manual task. Additionally, some instances of abuse of the phone system, such as staff making unauthorised international calls from conference rooms, had been noted.

On a wider company level, CB Richard Ellis’s call logging system simply did not have the capacity to deal with the volume of traffic experienced by the company’s network. Neither did it have the level of functionality required.


As heads of IT, Simon Spence and Mansoor Rahaman analysed a variety of call monitoring solutions before choosing the Tiger solution, incorporating View My Calls.

This add-on is a simple and fast way of empowering every user with instant access to their telephone call information, with little or no administration. Spence and Rahaman’s reasons for choosing the Tiger system were:

  • High call capacity
  • Full automation for directory updates
  • Full Cisco compatibility
  • Cost effectiveness

After installation, the Tiger Communications team ran a two-day, in-house training course for the switchboard staff, to help ensure a smooth, cost-effective transition.

This helped the staff adapt to the new system, as Coral Finch explains:

“Once you get into the system it’s easy to use, but changing from one system to another is always a bit tricky at first.”



The immediate impact of Tiger View My Calls is that the switchboard team is now freed up from chasing up internal call enquiries to do more productive work. Updating directories is now automatic, generating more savings.

Additionally, call logging is flexible enough to deal with a constantly expanding network, as Finch makes clear: “The system automatically puts all calls in the right category.”

“We can run a report on any phone worldwide, and that includes all the new extensions our IT people are putting in all the time. We couldn’t do that before; we had to do it manually. It saves a lot of time.”


Reducing abuse has also created savings, as Finch explains: “The power of the system is impressive. We can find out who is on the phone and block international calls in meeting rooms to prevent abuse of the system.”

Now, most extension users in the UK operation have access to Tiger View My Calls, although there was some initial resistance to the system, says Finch: “To begin with, some employees were suspicious of it. They thought it was a bit Big Brother. “But when we explained that only the user can see the information, they soon realised its value.”

The immediate value to the extension user is clear for current calls, but what surprised many was its ability to retroactively log calls. Finch says: “View My Calls has been brilliant.

“Even though employees have only just had it installed, they can go back over the last quarter’s worth of calls.”


Sometimes, this has meant dramatic one-off savings and an ability to preserve CB Ellis’s reputation, as Finch points out:

“A lot of people have rung me just to say how useful it is. One colleague said it stopped him from being sued…"

"A client insisted they had rung him to cancel an important meeting, and with Tiger View My Calls, my colleague could prove that no such call was made on the day stated, and he avoided legal action as a result.”

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