Hampshire Constabulary improve efficiency & data collection reliability

Increase ethernet efficiency and data collection reliability

One of the most common problems nowadays is the data network’s lack of expansion capabilities and bandwidth limits that may cause a series of problems and restrictions to the ever-growing need of faster, more capable and consistent data communications.

Tiger are looking to resolve these problems by providing products and services which will enhance the performance and reliability of a data communications network.

Following major changes to their Meridian network and implementation of new management systems Hampshire Police found that the newly implemented data transport mechanism was choking the system allowing only a minimum of data to be collected in ‘real-time’.

Incidents requiring immediate investigation of numbers called and response times involved just had to wait for the system to catch up – not a permissible situation for a police force!

As Tiger had supplied Voice Network Management systems to Hants Police previously, we were called in again for our expertise in resolving this problem. A complete review and re-design of the data collection topology using Tiger’s Ethernet buffer units was soon bringing in data from all 47 sites in ‘real-time’ whilst providing a high degree of resilience against data loss during any network outage.

Tiger’s Ethernet buffer units work just as well on older serial output mixed switch networks with their ability to convert serial output to IP for data transport.

As the Tiger solution is completely scaleable, size of network isn’t an issue and with full directory integration facilities, maintenance of the system isn’t an uphill struggle either!

“Tiger can provide a number of different telecommunications solutions.”


Tiger are recognised as the market leaders in providing personalised solutions for effective telecommunications network management across many market sectors, both nationally and worldwide.

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