Ideal Users

Tiger Prism benefits an extensive range of people and roles within organisations, enterprises and IT service providers utilising UC

The multi-lingual solution allows global deployment within organisations, offering control of the install and operation of Unified Communications (UC) infrastructures, easing consolidation strategies for all UC channels.
Company executives
High level reporting on UC usage, costs, capacity and forecasting
Financial managers / Budget holders 
Full visibility of past, present and forecasted UC costs
Network & Telecom managers 
Full visibility of past, present and forecasted metrics for their infrastructure
Engineers leading projects or managing 
UC networks 

Instant information, data drilling and fault analysis
Department / Site managers
Full control over UC usage and costs within their scope of responsibility
Service providers 
Offer customers self-service analysis and reporting tools to ensure service delivery meets expectations
Industrial security & compliance 
Communications logs stored for many years and instant access to UC records for data mining
End users 
Access to their live call logs and ability to apportion personal UC expenses

Tiger Prism

Customer list

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