The Salvation Army on 20 years as a Tiger Customer

Tiger Communications have been a proud solutions provider to The Salvation Army for over 20 years, evolving with the needs of our customers and the Business Intelligence industry in order to deliver the products required.

  • Monitoring usage across departments
  • Tackling personal usage  
  • Subverting potential fraud issues and identifying serious misuse
  • Managing nuisance calls
  • The need to move to Managed Service
  • Tiger Suite
  • Near real-time call data access
  • Fraud Detection
  • Notifications and Alerting
  • Personal Billing
  • Departmental Chargeback
  • Evolution to a Managed Service
  • Calls charged correctly to staff
  • Receiving alerts in near real-time allowing for immediate action
  • Nuisance callers were tracked, resolving situations swiftly and easily
  • Switching to a Tiger Managed Service ensured the organisations needs are always met, both technically and practically


The Salvation Army user story

First Established in 1865, The Salvation Army is a globally recognised charitable organisation, and is one of the world’s largest suppliers of social aid. Tiger Communications are proud to have had a relationship with The Salvation Army that spans over 20 years, and Head of Voice Services, Mr John Paulowski, explains why Tiger has been a key component in understanding and monitoring the telephone network he has been responsible for over this period.

During this time the technical needs and requirements of The Salvation Army have developed, and the Tiger solution has evolved with them – both in product as well as the types of services provided. Initially the challenges were focused on cost management, with both departmental and personal billing being of great importance, and Tiger was the perfect fit as a solution, ensuring accurate Billing and recharging, encouraging individual responsibility for telephone usage. To enable this to happen the Directory Integration ensured automatic updates of the organisations hierarchy structure could take place and further reduce time and resource otherwise required.

In being a charitable organisation, there is a social responsibility for the funds available to be safeguarded, therefore the Fraud Detection and Alerting module was put in place to assist with identifying potentially serious misuse, fraudulent breakout calls and other anomalous traffic that results in unnecessary associated costs. Using Tigers alerting function also means a notification can be send out to inform someone of an occurrence in near-real time.

Like many organisations The Salvation Army has seen a shift towards the desire for Hosted Services, and again Tiger was on hand to ensure a smooth transition from the original on-premise solution to a successful deployment of the Managed Service running Tiger Prism software.

In more recent years The Salvation Army’s focus had changed and since moving to a Managed Service their focus is primarily on Security and Nuisance calls, and by using Tiger The Salvation Army has been able to trace nuisance callers and report them promptly, which John says, “wouldn’t have been the case without the system.”

Mr Paulowski was keen to point out that his relationship with Tiger staff is one that has always been happy and helpful, and that when dealing with Tiger he’s always made to feel like part of the team. As part of that the Tiger User Group has always been a vital means of communication between customers and Tiger, and Mr Paulowski finds it to be a “brilliant resource” – he’s never missed a Tiger User group event in 20 years.

The Tiger User Group gives customers access to a staff member from every team in a face-to-face setting, meaning they can voice ideas and make suggestions that are ultimately considered and added for the benefit of the software overall.

Tiger Prism is a fast, responsive system and working with Tiger Communications is more like dealing with one big family. After working with them and their products for 20 years I would still recommend them.”


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