Tiger Prism

Business Intelligence for Unified Communications

Tiger Prism is the brand new product of Tiger Communications, delivering the best and most powerful features and usages on the market of Unified Communications analytics, telefraud and billing. Not only that, Tiger Prism is also global deployment ready, with Time Zoning, Multi-currency and Multi-language functionality.


Querying and mining of acquired data to drive business decisions.  More...


Live snapshot of KPI data visualised in charts and graphs.  More...


Full range of ready-to-use reporting tools and services.  More...

Fraud Detection & Alerting

Alert for detected fraud, hacking and mis-use.  More...


Charge - Billing & Invoicing

Bill reconciliation and cost allocation.  More...

Directory Integration

Organisational view of data with synchronisation to directory More...

Personal Call Manager

Increasing employees' visibility of the costs they incur.  More...

User Adoption

Monitor the usage of chat, speech, video and conferencing. More...



Using the most modern and common software and architecture.  More...

Cross Platform

Centralised solution processing data from multiple vendors. More...


Fully Accessibile via a user-friendly, web-based interface.  More...

Return on Investment

Highlighting areas where Prism excels.  More...


Prism Technologies and User Experience

Tiger Prism utilises industry standard technologies and creates a secure, fast and flexible user experience

Microsoft SQL Server with a highly scalable Kimball Warehouse design

Architected to provide fast querying over billions of call records

HTML 5 Web Application developed using ASP.Net MVC

Cross platform - PC, Mac, Tablet, Smartphone

Isolated Customer Data Partitioning for added security

Application Programming Interfaces (Web Service and .Net Dll)

Bespoke Theming

Global deployment ready


Time zoning
Prism encompasses coordinated Universal Time (UTC) when linking calls within a global network. This ensures true start times and durations of linked calls within the relevant reports.

Prism supports local specific currency costing of calls, together with a system wide base currency for global site reporting. The currency conversion matrix can be maintained manually or be linked to an online currency service provider.

The system fully supports multiple languages through all user interfaces and reports, offering seamless interaction for users.