Tiger Communications - Call Management Solutions

Tiger Communications is a market leader in the provision of Telephone Call Management Solutions including:

Call & Forensic Analysis

Analyse fixed and mobile telephony activity. All Unified Communications platforms are supported on a single system.

Capacity plan VoIP / SIP / ISDN connections to ensure call success.

Billing & Invoicing

Distribute telephony costs across business units and third parties.

Reconcile vendor bills against your Unified Communications platform to ensure correct charges.

Telephone Fraud Detection / Voice Network Security

Real time alerting for suspicious activity on fixed and mobile telephony.

Monitoring of User Adoption

Monitor User take up and usage of Voice, Video, Instant Messaging, Conferencing, Desktop and File sharing facilities to establish ROI and user training requirements.

Measuring QoS

Measure and report Quality of Service and Mean Opinion Score for all calls across Unified Communications platforms.

Managed Services

Your Telephone Call Logging Software is kept up to date with the latest tariff / extension information and software releases. Real time reports are produced and delivered to your staff on a predetermined basis.